Walls of the Wild

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Making People Smile!
Walls of the Wild thrives on seeing kids and adults get so excited about decorating their walls with animals. Each realistic mural piece you see was personally hand-painted by our artist and founder Dede Lifgren. Her passion, creativity and ability to capture emotion on canvas are what truly bring a room to life!

How it all began…
When friends find out you're an artist, they'll say, "Can you do a mural for my kid's room?" So in 1992, artist Dede Lifgren started a small mural business. As is still her process today, she spent weeks researching each animal before starting any painting. Dede studied every angle of the animal, specie differences and the dynamics of light under water, through the rainforest canopy or on the sun-drenched Serengeti. Needless to say, she knew each animal intimately.

All that loving attention meant her business was only small momentarily. Soon her high-demand talent had her overbooked and left wondering if there was a better way to bring art to more children and families. In 1994, Dede, with the help of her husband Jeff, took Walls of the Wild into the digital wall decal age with the three rules still used today by the company:
Remaining characters