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Businesses with media-rich sites or special configurations, that need the utmost in reliability and flexibility, have turned to Superb after trying a number of other hosting companies with disappointing results. When businesses switch to our services, they tell us they're delighted with everything. That keeps us Ahead of the Rest® with the Superb Standard® for customer service , open lines of communication, and 100% guaranteed uptime.

We hear from company after company who switch services to Superb and we appreciate all the positive feedback we receive from the public on dedicated server reviews . Once you've tried Superb, you'll find the expertise, reliability, and trust you need to grow your business.

"As the chief marketing officer of a fast-growing new product and ecommerce company, it's my job to deliver outstanding brand experiences. As the company's co-founder, it's in my interest to do so cost-effectively. Superb's Lease-to-Own program is my sure way of achieving both objectives. For only $25 per month per server, we will own our servers in just one year. Couple that with Superb's competitive service fees, and we are able to beat our annual budgets while delivering fast and reliable online experiences to our customers and retail partners." - Igor Muravyov, of Wrapsol

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