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Thank you for your interest in Rokform products. Our goal is to make the highest quality device accessory products possible to enrich and enhance the devices in which they are intended. Our products are not cheap and not for everyone; they are innovative, unique and of very high quality well worth the price. Everything we do at Rokform is directed towards making products that our customers will be proud to own, use and tell there friends about. Our products are not intended or designed for ultra high volume sales; we make them one at a time with careful attention to every detail. We are looking for Resale partners who share our passion for high quality products and customer service.

Rokform is proud of its small network of Resellers and its in everyone’s best interest to limit our reach to only legitimate Resellers that are willing to make an investment in the Rokform brand. Moreover, we will limit the total number of Resale Partners in our network in order to provide a fair and unexcessive sales platform.

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