Sporting Goods


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For almost 10 years now R.E.Sports Inc has been providing its customers with unique personalized sports gifts at reasonable price points.  We consider ourselves to be the  value-added leader in our markets, in that we simply offer more customization and place fewer limits on our customers.  If you need more text we won't limit you.  If you need additional logos or photos, fine!  Not a problem.  Maybe you'd like to add team colors to some of our items?  Perfect!  We love making them!  We also provide terrific customer service.  Every order is proofed out and then edited until our customers are satisfied.  Our personalized sports gifts are typically given as coaches gifts and end of season sports awards, but are routinely presented to businesses, charitable foundations, sports sponsors, groomsmen and retirees alike.  Please contact us today to get started customizing your own sports treasures!

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