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Best VALUE (only affordable luxury can make a real difference)
Only premium USDA certified organic ingredients
High performance formulas where every ingredient is active and functional
No synthetics
No gimmicks
Vegan and cruelty-free beauty
Eco-friendly packaging (mostly recycled, glass, aluminum, paper and minimum plastic)


Antho is run by a family of happy vegetarians dedicated to the development of truly organic skin care products helping people with dry, flaky, itching, cracked skin as well as oilier, problem, and sensitive skin types.

We created Antho for all of you who want to end the tiresome and disappointing search for the perfect healthy organic skincare. Weve been there, trying hundreds of products, natural and not so natural, that didnt work or performed badly, but cost an arm and a leg. Here you can be sure to get truly organic, vegan and eco-friendly products that really work and are responsible in every way without breaking a bank. Whats the point in creating the purest, greenest product that only a few people can afford? Our goal is to bring change by making organic, vegan and eco-friendly beauty affordable. The more people can embrace and access it, the bigger the difference in our lives and environment.

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