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Moon Costumes is a premier seller of a unique selction of adult and child halloween costumes, masks, hats, wigs and costume accessories. Our catalog is easily searchable, and our shopping system is unique in that it offers bulletproof security for your credit information, operating at a higher standard than anyone else in the industry.

We sell child costumes, as well as adult costumes, and we have lots of specialty supplies for the costume professional, including face makeup, wigs of any size, style and color, and costume accessories ranging from boots to fangs and from swords to tiaras.

When purchasing Halloween costumes, bear in mind that costumes which are "deluxe" and are more expensive are often of a higher quality. When you buy halloween costumes for less than, say, $30 US, you will find that they are good for 1 or 2 nights of use, but will have thinner fabrics, and the masks will usually not be full-head, and will be face only.

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