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We won't stop until Miracle Noodles are part of all weight loss diets.
Like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man was with numbers we are with noodles. We are also health nuts. In our search for the perfect pasta, we had known about shirataki noodles but what we didn't know was how miraculous it was! Since learning a couple of years ago about its nutritional value and its documented health benefits, you could say we have become Shirataki evangelists! We won't stop until Shirataki is an essential part of all low-carb diets!
Do you love Pasta? Join us as the The Miracle Noodle Revolution starts.
It starts right here with you. By spreading the word that a guilt free noodle has been re-discovered we can invigorate proper dieting with a food that fills you up, makes you feel good about what you are eating, and can be part of a healthy low-carb, high fiber diet.
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