Maison Midi

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Maison Midi searches for rare and exclusive items that bring the Mediterranean dream to customers' tables and homes. From the Atlantic Coast of Portugal to Le Midi in Southern France, the Maghreb of Northwest Africa and the coastal resorts of Italy, Greece, and Turkey, the retailer offers kitchenware, furnishings, and home goods that instantly channel this enchanting region in Europe. 

White Laguiole 24 Piece Place Setting

In the heart of the French countryside, the Dubost family has been creating fine cutlery for four generations. The design was inspired by a shepherd's tool first manufactured in the village of Laguiole in the 19th century. Laguiole comes from the word "La Gleisola," which means the little church. This Laguiole 24-piece flatware set embodies French artistry and craftsmanship at its best.

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White Laguiole 24 Piece Place Setting




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