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Luna Bazaar

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Luna Bazaar is the online retail company owned by Cultural Intrigue, wholesaler of decorations, giftware and décor.

Known today for our paper lanterns and parasols in exclusive designer colors, the company started out importing antiques from the Pacific Islands. Our product lines now include decorative glass candle holders and vases, ornaments, party favor bags and boxes, and accent lighting such as LED-powered string lights and flameless candles. Our customers are brides, moms, wedding and event planners, decorators, photographers, boutiques, major department stores, TV shows, and non-profits.

What sets us apart from other décor companies is our eye for products that are out of the ordinary, yet in step with current trends.

We also stand out because of our commitment to the environment and the survival of endangered world cultures. Whenever possible we use sustainably harvested and renewable resources such as bamboo and rice paper.* More than 80% of our packaging materials are reused or recycled. Rather than conduct business with a third party, we support the fledgling businesses of women in remote Jaipur, India, by purchasing their hand-dyed, block-printed pillow covers.

We contribute to The Nature Conservancy, and other organizations that support the causes we care about.**

Adam Gebb, with his fascination for the peoples and natural beauty of the Far East and Pacific Islands, founded Cultural Intrigue 20 years ago. Traveling to India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Bali, he returned with an extraordinary collection of hand-made goods and antiques. He continues to travel regularly, maintaining close contact with our sources.

Our mission is to continue to supply reasonably-priced, innovative products to our customers, while conserving the resources of the planet - both its natural resources, and its unique peoples.

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