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Our Retail Concept:
We are a resource for modern living that offers fresh new designs from Europe and the World. Our goal is to provide your passion for artful living with new ideas and designs from creative manufactures that encompass the globe. Most of our items are stocked here in the US. All our relationships are direct with the manufactures. We are part of their marketing model. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions.

Our New Wholesale Model:
It is our Passion to work with a few manufactures and specialty shops that have the discriminating taste to be unique and original. Our purpose is to provide a direct link to small retailers from the manufacture that is not the status quoi. Our designs are purchased by an affluent group of clients seeking to live life full of passion and art. Whose events and everyday living speak to design and stand to be remembered by their sharing and their experience. If you’re interested in carrying our lines or have a line you wish us to consider, give me a ring!

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