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That’s the million dollar question in Joe’s hometown. He is like the cool uncle to every child in town. Joe teaches Karate and other martial arts at the YMCA down on Main Street which is the only time that you won’t find Joe in his military boots.  With a personal background that remains largely a mystery, Joe’s off-color words of wisdom have both comical absurdity and unparalleled intellectual value.  Around town, they’ve come to be known simply as Joe-isms.


Karate Joe is a man of simple needs and fine tastes. His love and respect for all classical things stems from his love for the martial arts. While Karate Joe practices many martial arts, he seems to show no favoritism to any of them. His respect for each martial art is something that he has passed down to his students. He respects his fellow man the same way which is why he decided to launch a simple, no frills, online martial arts shopping site.  Joe’s not too web savvy, but he still managed to launch an online store with great values and Free Shipping. It has been said that Karate Joe can defeat an army of ninjas while holding his cup of tea without spilling a drop. There are many rumors like that about Karate Joe. While they’re mostly word-of-mouth, they’re also widely accepted as fact.


If you ever see Joe, you’ll probably also see his trusted mutt, Dojoe. It’s said that the only one who knows everything about Karate Joe is Dojoe. If you’d like to connect with and learn more about Karate Joe, be sure to Like his Facebook Page and Follow him on Twitter.

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