Jean Andre et Cie

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Hello Mon Amour,

Come in, Darling... I've been waiting for you. Oh! I see you've been shopping! My favorite thing to do too, (well, almost!). Why do you look so confused? Can't find anything to wear? You've seen what's out there, haven't you?

I know, darling, you adore those European fashions, but you can't find them in sizes to fit you. Well, Fifi can feel your pain. I wear a fabulous 14, but Shhh! don't tell anyone. Fifi believes that size, (and age for the matter), have nothing to do with being glamorous and sexy. Gorgeous is gorgeous!

Even though we just met, I know what you like to wear. When it comes to fashion, you crave the dramatic. Your sense of style has attitude. You're a total flirt and never shy away from being feminine. YOU can wear styles that others only dream about. Heads turn and hearts stop when you enter a room. You, my dear, are a STAR, and everyone knows that stars shop in special places.

So what if your body isn't perfect? So what! You have come to the right place. Bustline too small? Bottom too big? Extra inches around the middle? Would you like to fix all that? Voilà! Done!

We have the styles you dream of in sizes that will fit YOU. Whether you are a size 4 or 24, young or not so young, you are magnifique. And nobody knows how to dress you from head to toe, under or over your clothes, like we do. Fifi knows fashion. We are experts in reshaping, accentuating, and flattering every body type. And if that's not enough, Fifi has scoured the world for those impossible to find items!

Welcome to Through a bit of cyber luck, you have just clicked your way into a fashion universe that may very well change the way you shop forever! We believe life is too short not to dress extravagantly, especially when it doesn't cost that much! So, grab your poodle, a glass of Champagne and follow me!

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