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The IntimateRider product is designed to help couples overcome physical mobility issues for a more satisfying sex life. The IntimateRider was created after realizing a need to address an issue that many couple experience in their personal relationships. Many couples live with a physical condition that prevent them from an enjoyable sex life. Arthritis, joint replacement and spinal cord injury are just a few physical issue that may hinder sexual relationships. The IntimateRider will help overcome these issues.

Continuing with our research when talking with potential customers, vendors or medical professionals, we are amazed at the enthusiasm they have for the product without even seeing it. Now after designing several prototypes and going through extensive testing by many people we are very excited to offer products that will change your life forever.

The ease of movement, sleek design, and availability of so many positions will be just the thing for you whether you have an issue or are just looking for something to spice up your love life.

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