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Immunet® by Sourcefire® provides essential antimalware protection for PC users. We leverage the collective intelligence of a growing community, the speed of cloud computing, and the power of social networking to provide a groundbreaking approach to security.

Malware is a global problem that takes a collaborative approach to combat effectively. Immunet provides Collective Immunity™ to all users through a "safety in numbers" approach that grows stronger and smarter with each new user in the community. Immunet harnesses the global userbase to drive unprecedented detection ability and return real-time security to every user.

The flagship product, Immunet FREE Antivirus, is a consumer product that provides extra antimalware protection that is light, fast, and compatible with existing security products. The Immunet community grows daily by the word-of-mouth recommendations of satisfied members, who say they like the extra, fast antimalware protection that Immunet provides for free. View The Immunet Edge Technology Brief to learn more.

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