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Gold Rush Trading Post

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Whether you're a part-time prospector or dedicated metal detectorist, there has never been a better time to get involved in the modern day Gold Rush! Not only is treasure hunting a hobby that can pay you back, it's an activity the entire family can enjoy together in the great outdoors.In addition to gold prospecting equipment and gold mining supplies and metal detectors and detecting accessories, you'll also find Woodman's Pal machetes, snake bite protection, and much more right here at Gold Rush Trading Post -- all at great prices!

One of the best things about recreational gold mining and metal detecting is that with the price of gold skyrocketing, you don't have to find much to completely pay for your equipment-- and the rest is pure profit!

Thanks for shopping here at Gold Rush Trading Post today. We offer hundreds of products to make treasure hunting in the great outdoors even easier, faster, and more fun!

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