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I grew up in Fort Worth and bought my first gym membership some 15+ years ago. Once I started to work out, I was bitten by the fitness bug and couldn't get enough! Shortly after, I moved to New Zealand and continued trying to learn as much as I could about fitness. New Zealand was also my introduction to cooking as I had to ward of the pounds my extended vacation was packing on. When I returned from overseas, my mother who is also a prominent chef, was enthusiastic about my new passion and encouraged my culinary endeavors as much as she could until I moved off to Texas A&M University…Class of '06!!

Not only did I earn a degree in Applied Exercise Physiology but Texas A&M also provided me with my first personal training job. Since then, I have trained at a number of high end training facilities and even opened my own gym, BodyLab CrossFit. During these years of training myself and clients, I noticed one major common struggle-nutrition. It seemed to be the one thing that really defined success for those who were able to transform their lives from the ones who continued to struggle with fitness every day.

Aside from running BodyLab, I started cooking for the athletes and trainers with unbelievable health and fitness results. In an effort to fuel my dreams, I ended my training career and packed my bags…back to DFW to pursue my culinary passion as a fitness chef!

Almost a year later, I opened the doors to Eatology. Eatology specializes in Paleo-Zone gourmet cuisine. Paleo-Zone is a way of eating, not a diet. It is very common among the CrossFit community, fitness arenas, and even in medical circles.

I can hardly contain the excitement I feel as my dreams of healthy eating, wellness, and fitness come together in a way that I can wholeheartedly share with everyone who is committed to a way of life that supports every endeavor with energy and strength.

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