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DayOne Gear is dedicated to supplying you with quality Survival, Emergency, First Aid and Preparedness products at the lowest price possible. We provide Survival Kits, Emergency Gear, Long Term Food Storage, Solar Power Kits, Individual Survival Items, Preparedness and First Aid Products. Visit our DayOne Gear Blog for informative emergency readiness articles. 

Mayday Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit - 4 Person

Bucket Includes: 1-Honey Bucket w/Lid, 4-2400 Calorie Food Bars, 4-Solar Blankets, 4-3 Packs Of Water, 4-Dust Masks, 4-Ponchos, 1-12 Pack Liners, 6-WetNaps, 1-12 Hour Light Stick, 1-54 Piece First Aid Kit, 1-Radio/Flashlight/Siren, 1-Gas & Water Shut Off Tool, 1-Pair Leather Palm Gloves...

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