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Founded by NelsonJ Salon in Beverly Hills, California, Celebrity Silky Hair brings you the highest quality of branded products while providing you with innovative hair care techniques and beauty tips to achieve that red carpet shine. Our mission is not only to give you great hair, but Celebrity Silky Hair!

NelsonJ Salon, located in the heart of Beverly Hills (350 N. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210) and within walking distance of Rodeo Drive, is a professional and elite establishment that offers an extensive line of professional salon and spa services. Celebrity clients include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alicia Silverstone, and Devon Aoki, to name a few.

Highly recommended by renowned professional hair stylists, our products are used on numerous celebrities. In addition to being praised by experts in a variety of hair, beauty, and fashion magazines, the Celebrity Silky Hair care line has also been featured on prime television programs and other media sources.

Our merchandising strategy is based on extensive research, customer recommendations, and working with top vendors on product development. We are committed to enhancing our reputation by continually improving our products and services to you.

If you are reading this, chances are your current hair products have fallen short of your expectations and you are looking for a better solution. Start getting the great hair you deserve now and try something new at!

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