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Some simple rules that guide our approach to customer service:

  • We start with the old assumption that the customer is RIGHT… that in itself shocks so many.
  • We have a phone number, we publish it freely and WE ANSWER IT! All calls are returned promptly if we miss one after hours.
  • We welcome email inquiries from anyone with questions about anything we do or know and respond to every one.
  • We understand circumstances change and have no problem changing or even canceling orders AT NO CHARGE!
  • We make every attempt to satisfy every customer with every purchase. No one goes away unhappy if we are given the opportunity to correct any issue that might arise. We will always re-ship products or issue refunds if needed.
  • We take full responsibility for any and all issues that might adversely effect the timing or quality an order… including the ones that are completely beyond our control!
  • We offer advice and consultation freely on all our products including how much to buy and how to use them.

We have been involved in the wholesale flower market for over 20 years and like every industry it has its own unique set of challenges. We constantly worry about the weather all around the world, international air cargo delays, oil prices, and even foreign dictators. Sometimes even we are amazed that it all comes together week after week and we are able to provide consistent top quality fresh cut flowers to DIY brides, party planners, hotels and restaurants and ordinary flower enthusiasts all around the USA. We designed and built to dynamically monitor the market and adjust product pricing and availability on a daily basis! No bait and switch or padded pricing – if you see in stock on our site we have it available and most items can ship the same day!

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