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Congratulations on finding Ben's Outlet, the best website for bargain hunters. You'll discover a world of wonderful products selected just for you.

We've all experienced that sudden disappointment after missing out on a great deal. Remember that time you went on a website that offered a great item at a hot price, but it had sold out by the time you clicked on it? What about those impossible to navigate sites, or overseas websites where your order doesn't show up for months?

At Ben's Outlet we do things differently. You'll always know what's in stock, we tell you what percent of that item's inventory we have left, so you don't have to rush your decision.

If a product you've been eyeing does sell out, don't worry. Sign up for a Ben's Outlet product alert, and we'll let you know when the item is back in stock. That's right, in addition to the great new items we get in every day,we reorder our bestsellers if they run out. So don't rush your decision, or worry that by the time you're ready to checkout your find is gone forever.

Our layout is easy to scan, you won't miss any of the products on our site. There's no clicking on link after link to navigate through. Just scroll down until an item grabs your attention, add it to your basket, and keep on going.

With our unbeatable prices you don't have to order in bulk to get a discounted price. Every customer gets the lowest price, even if they order just one item. Our relationships with industry leading suppliers provides you with great prices on a variety of items. With plenty on hand, you'll be sure to get the items you want.

PayPal 'Express Checkout' is available, to speed you through the checkout process on our PayPal 'Verified Account Badge' site. If you don't wish to create a personalized Ben's Outlet account, we also offer a guest checkout option with the same order confirmation emails, and shipment tracking numbers provided to registered users.

Our dedicated customer support team, is devoted, and passionate; and will answer all of your questions so you'll be satisfied long after you've placed your order. So come in, take a look around, and find something special at a price you'll love..

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