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A1Supplements is a nutritional supplement distributor and online wholesaler of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements. We are strategically based in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee, which is the shipping "sweet spot" for 70% of the US population.

Our goal from the beginning was to make this web site the best source for supplement information, selection and service on the Web while providing the largest supplements superstore for quick and easy shopping at the lowest prices! The site was created on June 1, 1999 after being in business for 10 years as a distributor to gyms and stores in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky.

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The Medicus Learning System is dedicated to assisting golfers of all ages. "Master the Basics" of golf through a consistent process of education, training and practice. We've always heard that "practice makes perfect." The Medicus Learning System was developed to provide the immediate feedback needed to practice and play with confidence, resulting in long term positive results on the golf course.

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Innovative Concepts in Entertainment

Own the only arcade quality bubble hockey game made in the world today at Factory Direct prices from  Over the years the success of CHEXX and SUPER CHEXX has spawned many imitation dome, rod and table games poorly engineered and built overseas with cheap materials and un-reliable parts.  Made in the USA quality at the ICE factory near Buffalo, NY is why SUPER CHEXX remains the only bubble hockey, dome hockey, rod hockey or table hockey choice for rinks, sports bars and arcades across the world.  The superior engineering, quality materials including the lexan dome, brushed aluminum cabinet, delrin players, long-lasting gear boxes and kydex ice surface have proven their durability over the last 30 years.  Combined with free lifetime tech support and in-stock parts at the ICE factory in Clarence, NY, SUPER CHEXX bubble hockey has been the premium dome hockey, rod hockey and table hockey brand for 3 decades.  Now with ICE Factory Direct pricing, it is also the clear choice for your home game room or business break room.  Compare made in the USA Super Chexx bubble hockey to imitation imported dome hockey or rod hockey games from Stiga, Carrom, Shelti, Performance Games or Halex and you will see and feel the difference.  Don't be fooled by knock-off games advertised at lower prices that claim to be "just like a Super Chexx".  No other dome hockey rod hockey or table hockey brand offers the mix of arcade quality ICE manufacturing, fast-paced game play, live sound calls by Rick Jennerret, electronic scoring & shot clock, custom graphics and licensed editions with hand-painted replica jerseys.  SUPER CHEXX is the ultimate home game for hockey fans all over the world and guaranteed to deliver years of fun for your family and friends.  There are many Chexx games built in the 1980's being played today!

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We appreciate your interest in Razor® Kick Scooters, Electric Scooters, Bikes, Quads and other Razor® Ride-ons as well as Razor® Parts and Accessories from -- "Your One Stop Razor® Shop". Razor and the Razor Logo Design are among the registered trademarks of Razor USA LLC and/or its affiliated companies in the United States and/or select foreign countries. Used under License by 5 StarWeb, Inc. (dba Razorama and/or 5 StarWeb, Inc. and are neither affiliated nor owned by RazorUSA LLC.
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Jenson USA

Funding your bicycle habit. Isn’t that why we all have jobs? Isn’t that where our obsession to cycling gets fed? As you obviously know (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!) once you catch the bicycle bug, you can’t get rid of it!

Fabulously, this addiction caught the founder of Jenson USA at a very young age, and he did everything he could to build a business that has grown to the magnificent levels that Jenson, its employees and customers enjoy today.

Operating With Integrity

With over 20,000 items in stock, expert customer service, and a state-of-the-art 74,000 sq ft facility, Jenson USA prides itself on being the best place for cyclists to buy from, vendors to sell to, and employees to work for. In fact, the ultimate focus at Jenson is to create an over-the-top customer experience at every opportunity.

Over time this commitment has helped Jenson USA build enduring and sustainable relationships throughout the industry. This has been accomplished through open dialogue with vendors and customers alike, as Jenson USA employees embrace the importance of both customer advocacy and vendor/brand objectives. Additionally, pride is taken in our policy that all vendors, employees and service providers are paid on time, every time.

Circumstances in the company’s early history drove management to a market-changing revelation - forcing a paradigm shift - targeting a new focus on continued improvement, while fostering a commitment to be the best corporate citizen possible through honest, forthright communication and business practices.

From The Beginning

Mike Cachat (pronounced Ca-shay) got his first job at Supergo Bicycles in Brea, California when he was just thirteen. Building bikes on a make-shift work bench created by stacking bicycle boxes in the back parking lot of the shop. Earning enough cash to buy the latest widget from Shimano or Easton or Onza. Fueling his dream to become a professional mountain bike racer.

As Mike’s racing skills grew, he needed more time to train, and with help of his mentor, started his own bicycle tune-up business. The goal was to provide services to his friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends! Unfortunately, the business did not take, and Cachat had to find another way to make money without sacrificing precious training time.

Through a maze of moxie, determination, and some hard learned lessons, in 1994 Mike invested in a “yellow pages” ad, created a “bike shop” and began purchasing products from distributors and reselling them to his racing and training buddies and people from the local trailhead.

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That’s the million dollar question in Joe’s hometown. He is like the cool uncle to every child in town. Joe teaches Karate and other martial arts at the YMCA down on Main Street which is the only time that you won’t find Joe in his military boots.  With a personal background that remains largely a mystery, Joe’s off-color words of wisdom have both comical absurdity and unparalleled intellectual value.  Around town, they’ve come to be known simply as Joe-isms.


Karate Joe is a man of simple needs and fine tastes. His love and respect for all classical things stems from his love for the martial arts. While Karate Joe practices many martial arts, he seems to show no favoritism to any of them. His respect for each martial art is something that he has passed down to his students. He respects his fellow man the same way which is why he decided to launch a simple, no frills, online martial arts shopping site.  Joe’s not too web savvy, but he still managed to launch an online store with great values and Free Shipping. It has been said that Karate Joe can defeat an army of ninjas while holding his cup of tea without spilling a drop. There are many rumors like that about Karate Joe. While they’re mostly word-of-mouth, they’re also widely accepted as fact.


If you ever see Joe, you’ll probably also see his trusted mutt, Dojoe. It’s said that the only one who knows everything about Karate Joe is Dojoe. If you’d like to connect with and learn more about Karate Joe, be sure to Like his Facebook Page and Follow him on Twitter.

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If you want to enhance your libido the natural and healthy way, then stay here for a few moments as you’re going to discover finally how you can increase sexual performance, stamina, endurance, plus feel more confident and completely rejuvenated. You can find a lot of so-called “miracle supplements” on the Internet but most of them are ineffective and can produce harmful side-effects.

However, Hot Rawks is a healthy vitamin supplement that will boost your libido to the next level, without those nasty side effects! To learn more just click the PLAY button, check out reviews from happy customers and keep reading more!

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For almost 10 years now R.E.Sports Inc has been providing its customers with unique personalized sports gifts at reasonable price points.  We consider ourselves to be the  value-added leader in our markets, in that we simply offer more customization and place fewer limits on our customers.  If you need more text we won't limit you.  If you need additional logos or photos, fine!  Not a problem.  Maybe you'd like to add team colors to some of our items?  Perfect!  We love making them!  We also provide terrific customer service.  Every order is proofed out and then edited until our customers are satisfied.  Our personalized sports gifts are typically given as coaches gifts and end of season sports awards, but are routinely presented to businesses, charitable foundations, sports sponsors, groomsmen and retirees alike.  Please contact us today to get started customizing your own sports treasures!

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Having been in business now for over 30 years, the CRUISIN’ USA philosophy has never wavered. First and foremost, we believe in our people and in the product we sell.

Our guarantee is simple…
If for any reason you do not like our product, you may return it unused for a full and complete refund.
We currently occupy an 18,000 square foot facility centrally located in the inner-ring Saint Louis suburb of University City. This bustling location houses our warehouse, production facility and office. We currently employ 19 full time people who are dedicated to their jobs. We pride ourselves in our work and the fact that everyone who has been with the company for over two years is completed vested with company-paid health insurance.

Cruisin' USA
We design, print, embroider and create our own product line. We work closely with overseas manufacturers who understand our demand for timely delivery and quality garment construction. All decorating of our products takes place here at our plant. We strive hard to keep our goods in stock, but we are honest when we cannot deliver your product on time, and can offer you many alternatives.
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You're not alone! Shooting a basketball is a lost art! Shooting percentages have been declining for over 40 years! Players at all levels miss free throws and open jumpers to lose games! Major NBA stars are embarrassed at the Free Throw Line! You see top college teams shooting under 50% Free Throws at times, and team percentages in the high 50's and low 60's are quite common.  International players can shoot better from outside and from the Line. Something's not working! 

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yogadirect, the largest direct importer and manufacturer of quality Yoga equipment in the United States, was launched in 1999 by an experienced team of web and retail professionals who all shared a passion for Yoga. The company prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, low prices, and the highest quality Yoga accessories available. As the importer and often the manufacturer we are able to control quality and eliminate the middleman to keep our everyday low prices less than our competitors "sale" prices. When you shop online for Yoga Accessories, Yoga Mats, or Yoga Props, shop at and be assured of the best quality and price.

While most online specialty retailers who sell Yoga equipment use drop ship or fulfillment services, we personally ship each and every product from our facilities. This helps to ensure order accuracy and overall quality.

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Who says cyclists are all the same? While we all love to ride, we each have different passions, fears, and interests. So why wear the same cookie cutter outfits? There is so much personality that you can reflect with your exercise apparel.

Stand out of the peloton with Primal Wear jerseys and showcase your love for rock bands, the military or even your favorite beer. You may also be interested in Nutcase Helmets that have tons of colors and can even look like you're wearing a watermelon on your head!

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We are your source for licensed sports collectibles, authentic team merchandise and official logo fan gear. Shop our huge selection of NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NASCAR and PGA merchandise, gifts and apparel for the ultimate sports fan. Find team logo merchandise for your home, office, pool, patio and garden with great prices and Free Shipping on any size order every day.

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