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Years Ahead

Who We Are

Years Ahead is committed to helping families find the right care solution to meet the unique needs of their aging loved ones. Our mission is to support families navigating the difficult and often complicated process of finding senior care, from educating them on their options to connecting them with high-quality care providers that best match their needs.

How it Works

Unlike most senior care services, Years Ahead provides families with several ways for finding the right care solution. For those who are unsure about the type or level of care needed, our state-of-the-art Care Path assessment tool serves up tailored solutions based on the specifics of the aging loved one’s situation. For those who already know what they need, we offer a self-guided solution that allows families to tailor their search by detailed provider criteria. For those who’d like to discuss their needs, we offer certified and compassionate Care Advisors to help families through the process.

We are proud to provide a nationwide network of high-quality care providers, both in-home and facility-based, to meet the unique needs of families seeking care. Our network includes in-home senior companions, home health aids and medical personnel, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care, and nursing homes. Each Years Ahead care provider has a detailed profile with comprehensive information, including photos, experience and capabilities, pricing, reviews, and more.

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Checks Unlimited™ is one of the nation's top direct-check manufacturers
Located in Colorado Springs, Checks Unlimited is set between the towering Rocky Mountains and the expansive Colorado plains. Like the western frontier, we were founded on the solid principles of hard work, integrity, and excellence. From the very beginning, we've kept our sights outward, toward the wide open space of new possibilities.
Established in 1986 as the first major direct mail check printer, the company, then called Current Checks, was founded to offer an exceptional value on high-quality checks. By maintaining a clear focus on this original objective, the company has evolved and expanded over the years according to market trends and Customer needs and desires. When initially introduced, our check line included 13 designs. Today, as Checks Unlimited, we have grown to offer over 70 personal check designs — plus a full line of address labels, checkbook covers, check-related accessories, and a complete line of business checks. Our licensed designs include many of America's favorite icons and characters.
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Our Company

Established since early July 2002, we pride ourselves with having the needed experience to run a successful company. Our strength lies in our ability to provide excellent service and value to our clients.

Our Mission

We are a company with a strong focus on quality and support.
Our goal is to provide our clients with the support they need.
Whether they are experienced or just starting out, we want to be there with them. We also ensure that any services provided by us are of quality that you would expect from a professional hosting company.

Our Servers

We use one of the most powerful server configurations available for use today. This ensures that your web pages
are always served super quick with no bottlenecks. The server also has data redundancy with the RAID configuration and error correcting memory modules that most other servers do not have.

Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz with HyperThreading
1 GB ECC Registered RAM
RAID 1 configuration

Our servers are also continuously monitored every 5 minutes to ensure all essential services are online and
should a service fail, an engineer will be dispatched to the server immediately to resolve the problem.

Our Data Center

Our secure data center features power backups, climate
control and full fire protection to protect our servers.
Your data will be transferred over multiple redundant DS-3
lines from 20 diverse backbones. This ensures line transmission
redundancy and speed.

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3dCart Shopping Cart

After years of building custom eCommerce solutions for medium to large businesses, our founder Gonzalo Gil, thought he could compile many of the most requested eCommerce features into a simple and affordable shopping cart. Little did he know, he would effectively balance the once price-prohibiting and highly customized eCommerce solutions of the late nineties, and make them available to a wider range of businesses.

Today, 3dcart has evolved into a robust eCommerce platform with thousands of merchants all over the world and an enduring drive for innovation and value.

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DreamTemplate offers exclusive premium web content solutions for web developers and webmasters. Our service lets you access a large collection of professionally designed website template files. Designing for the web has never been easier, with DreamTemplate you can rapidly create and deploy professional looking website's quickly. The templates available on
DreamTemplate go through an extensive quality control department before they are available for download and generally have immense visual appeal. In addition to website templates, we also offer other web content solutions such as CSS templates, Flash templates, logo templates, photoshop web designs, company form designs, newsletter templates and abstract images.

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Years ago, our founders realized that many online service providers lacked the skills and vision needed to provide truly integrated, holistic, and flexible online solutions. In addition, these mavericks realized that many businesses were paying far too much money for far too little results.

That's why in 2002 they launched MochaHost - The Online Central.

MochaHost is located in the heart of Silicon Valley ( San Jose, California ); specializing in providing professional hosting, web design, e-commerce, and Internet promotion services.

At MochaHost, we believe that the key to success is to provide professional services at a well balanced price.

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Let us introduce ourselves. We're mothers, fathers, pet owners, sons, daughters, grandchildren, friends, and members of this online community along with you. We understand the difficulties and struggles you face when trying to find the right care and services for your families, yourself, and your home.

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I know it may look like we are young and fresh-faced, but our beauty is only skin deep...

Behind the scenes we're really a bunch of grizzled, cell phone service veterans. Some of us have been involved with international cell phones for over 20 years - that's nearly as long as they've existed on Earth! (that's the cell phones, not EuroBuzz staff).

Over that time we've seen many services come and go, but most importantly, we've studied what makes a cell phone service work for you. And now we've put all this experience together, partnered with Vodafone (the world's largest cell phone provider) and O2, and developed EuroBuzz.

The basic idea behind EuroBuzz is to make it the best quality, and easiest to use cell phone service for Europe, while keeping it at an affordable price. And what's more important than that?

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JaguarPC hosting provides & high-quality Internet hosting solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, overnment agencies, prominent individuals and non-profit organizations worldwide. We have been in the hosting business since 1998 where our brand " JaguarPC " was created., the world's most trusted and experienced hosting company, delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC's core portfolio comprises information technology and business hosting services, as well as programming services. JaguarPC's three complementary, subsidiary businesses are Aletia Hosting, one of the world's leading high-value low-cost hosting companies, Devpond software, a web software company, and, a innovative new brand to expand the JaguarPC line of services.

We support the business and personal clients from across the globe. World leading companies and governments in many countries.

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First ACH

Established in 1998, First ACH is a third party service provider of ACH and credit card payment solutions based in Columbia, Maryland. We offer businesses of all types and sizes access to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and merchant services solutions to process financial transactions. ACH is a viable alternative to credit cards and paper checks. When offered in combination with credit card payment options as one convenient interface, First ACH provides a convenient and reliable nation-wide system for processing electronic payments, while reducing business overhead and offering additional payment options for your customers.

With First ACH you can initiate debit and credit transactions to your customer’s checking and savings accounts, process credit card transactions, convert paper checks into electronic payments through accounts receivable conversion (ARC), accept echeck and credit card payments via the web, and bill at recurring intervals of your choosing. You can even lessen your NSF/returned check collection hassles using our Returned Check Entry (RCK) solution. Regardless of which solutions you seek you’ll find that our robust secure payment gateway, coupled with friendly and industry savvy technical support, proves that First ACH is committed to providing you the functionality and convenience you need, at a price you can afford. Check out our solutions for more information or read more about us.

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WP Engine

WP Engine is the premier managed WordPress hosting company. We offer fast WordPress hosting that is beloved by hundreds of bloggers and website owners. We work with huge, popular sites as well as small business owners who care about their customers' experience. Perhaps best of all is our tech support, where only WordPress experts answer questions. As Mikhail Baryshnikov says, "Try it. You'll like it."

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Using a network of more than 160 lenders, acts as a loan search engine, finding customers the best available small-dollar loans. With an intuitive user-interface and an efficient application process, offers customers nationwide the opportunity to find affordable loan options. **100DayLoans is currently the highest performing cash advance offer in the country.

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municibid, LLC, was founded by Greg Berry in June of 2006. As a councilman for the Borough of Pottstown, Berry saw a problem that was not only affecting the borough, but almost every one of the 86,000 local government agencies in the United States. The problem? Berry noticed government agencies throughout the country were selling surplus for pennies on the dollar all because very few people knew the items were for sale and the sealed-bid process for which agencies would accept bids was not a truly competitive process.

Being an entrepreneur, Berry put together an online auction platform and convinced contacts he had in other government agencies to try it. They did. They were thrilled with the results. They provided outstanding testimonials. Berry took these results and testimonials on the road and put together a talented team of people, which has helped Municibid grow to serve over 800 government agencies and counting, while becoming the leading provider of online government auctions in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maine.

Municibid is continuing to expand quickly into other states throughout the country. Cities as large as Philadelphia and Boston to smaller towns have made the switch to

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