Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian was founded on the simple notion that it was possible to provide affordable, reliable home medical alert systems to seniors who wished to live an independent life at home.  Thousands of seniors across the country now enjoy a restored sense of security with Medical Guardian, and their loved ones have the peace of mind knowing that help is always available at the push of a button with our personal emergency response system for seniors.

For Years, Medical Guardian has been a leading provider of personal emergency response systems, utilizing the latest technologies to provide the best possible home medical alert system for seniors, while remaining committed to providing all of our customers with personalized care and attention.  Our personal emergency response services are frequently recommended by doctors, hospitals, home health care providers, social workers, and pharmacies nationwide.  We are honored to have been recommended as a top home medical alert system in a comprehensive study by Good Housekeeping Magazine.  Our services are also recommended by CVS Pharmacies, Reader's Digest, U.S. News and World Report, and has been featured on NBC News.

We offer service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of our personal emergency response systems for the elderly.  We operate our home medical monitoring center across nationwide, staffed with medically trained personnel, and never outsourced outside of the United States.  Combined with the latest UL approved technology and an affordable monthly cost free from hidden fees or long term contracts, Medical Guardian is the smart choice for American seniors and their families.  Our home medical alarm system will keep you or your loved one protected and provide peace-of-mind to the entire family!

We truly believe that our policies and concern for all of our clients sets us apart from other personal response system companies, you'll see this if you do any comparisons.  We provide all of our customers with their own personal safety consultant to provide on-going support and help custom fit the service to meet each customer's individual needs. We take pride in our medical alert button being both reliable and affordable.  Our home alert system for seniors will make you feel safe living alone, that I can guarantee.

We look forward to helping you regain your independence and start enjoying an independent life at home, free from fear.  Our home medical alert systems representatives are always available and delighted to answer any questions you may have 24 Hours a Day / 7 days a week / 365 days a Year.  Having a personal emergency response system is like having peace-of-mind that's always on!

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Emerald Lux - Ecig

Emerald Lux - Electronic Cigarette - looks feels and tastes like a real cigarette.

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Hot Rawks is a sexual performance enhancer for men and women,energy booster,overall health and vitality supplement.Formulated with carefully cultivated raw organic ingredients. We are the ONLY organic superfood aphrodisiac in the market.

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Digestinol Worldwide is a health research foundation, that among other things, is engaged in the refinement and isolation of a specific chain length series of highly concentrated and stabilized aloe "Poly-sacc-ha-rides" which have demonstrated astounding benefits in the area of digestive diseases.

Our product is known across the world for the great success it brings people in their quest for improved digestive health. Over the years we have helped thousands of people and we continue to ship our bottles of Digestinol all across the world to various customers every day. During our quest to become and remain the best in the industry, we have had other companies come in and attempt to "dethrone" us, but they lack the most important thing, a proven formula like ours. You can't just use any grade of Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharides (AMP), if you want the best results you need to use the best AMP. We do use only the highest quality of AMP, which is why we continue to be the best.

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Muscle Feast

Muscle Feast, LLC was started by the father of a rising bodybuilder.  Tired of spending hundreds of dollars each month on supplements for his son, the father began to search out the highest quality supplements available and purchase them in bulk quantities.  Utilizing his more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, primarily in the dairy industry, he was able to secure incredible pricing and is able to pass those savings onto to other fathers and hardcore athletes.

Muscle Feast uses a very simple business model; we manufacture all our products by selecting the top raw materials in the country and sell directly to the public only via our online and local presence.  Most supplement companies sell to one of the three major supplement distributors in the country, then these distributors sell to a retailer and finally, the retailer sells to the end user.  With our business model of selling directly to the end user, we are able to sell the highest quality products you will find anywhere at incredibly low prices.

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"In 2006, Jonathan Carp our President was visiting his friend Ako in Japan. She took him to a Buddhist restaurant run by monks outside of Kyoto. During that lunch, he was served blocks of konnyaku in various shapes. When told about the properties of this food, an idea was born.

After returning from Japan and a coincidental article in the Wall Street Journal about the wonders of one of the main ingredients of the noodle, he launched Miracle Noodle. Since that day in March 2006, Jonathan recruited all the members of his immediate family, sisters Andrea and Jill and mother and father Susan and Lewis to help with the new company. We have grown every year and have sold many millions of packs of noodles worldwide and have been expanding our line every year.

We have been mentioned by name by numerous news programs, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, and celebrity chefs like Rocco Dispiroto in his cookbooks but what makes this journey especially rewarding is the daily emails and letters we receive from people who for whatever reason can longer eat noodles like gluten free dieters, diabetics, and people on weight loss plans. As we look forward to the future and are growing line and international presence, we are thankful for our success. A percentage of all of our profits are donated to charity, we have been responsible for over $10k in loans to and are a Acumen Fund Partner helping deserving other businesses survive and thrive in all parts of the world.

We are committed to providing the highest quality product and service to you our customer and welcome you to a world where you can eat as many noodles as you want and not worry about a thing except how loud you may slurp :) "

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South Smoke Shop

Many people around the world enjoy a fine cigar from time to time. Cigars are rolled with tobacco inside of cigar leaves, similar to the way a cigarette is rolled, but many cigars are thicker and longer burning. Unlike cigarettes, most cigars do not have filters. The tip is cut and the smoker is able to enjoy the tobacco inside. There are several types of cigars, and they come from places all around the world. This includes Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Each country produces its own tobacco, rolls the cigars, and ships them to the United States to be enjoyed by cigar smokers all around the country.

Cigars are available in a variety of different strengths and flavors. Often, cigar smokers will purchase sampler packs or try out several different brands to find the one that they most enjoy. Some tobacco inside of cigars may be flavored with tastes of chocolate, vanilla, various fruits, or even coffee to give them a unique and distinct taste. Cigars can be enjoyed at any time. Some men opt to have a cigar every night or at certain times accompanied by a glass of scotch, brandy, or cognac. It is also traditional for many people to smoke a cigar for a special occasion, such as after the birth of a new baby or the groomsmen celebrating the marriage of a groom.

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Raspberry Ketone Diet

Dr. Mehmet Oz, noted physician, author and now host of his own acclaimed television show mentioned a product on his show in early February of 2012 and everyone went crazy all of a sudden. That product was the Raspberry Ketones Diet, a weight loss supplement which has been proven to be very effective at general weight loss but at some other amazing benefits as well. In addition, it is one of the safest methods types of supplements that you can take, a very rare claim on a market that is flooded with dangerous chemicals and side effect causing products.


It is More Than Just the Raspberry Ketones Diet


You cannot take a supplement, even one as effective as the Raspberry Ketones Diet and expect to lose weight. Forget the claims of other products that say that you can eat pizza every day and still get to a size six dress in ten days. Those bogus claims are not only wasting all of your hard earned money but are part of the reason that you are still overweight. Those products usually kill your metabolism and set you up for failure because you rapidly lose a few pounds and then just as quickly stall, get frustrated and quit, gaining back every pound and then some. While the Raspberry Ketones Diet supplement is extremely beneficial, there are other things you need to keep in mind.

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HCG Drops Direct

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone naturally produced in the human body. It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions. It is often referred to as the pregnancy hormone, but during pregnancy the levels double every two days. This hormone allows the body to metabolize stored fat and use it as energy for both mother and fetus. This acts as a “fail-safe” mechanism when energy is needed immediately. For weight loss, only a very small amount of HCG is used to capitalize on this same mechanism. Using HCG in this way does not mimic pregnancy; in fact, it can be safely used by both men and women. This dieting method was introduced by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1970's. 

HCG allows your body to reverse the effect that has kept you from losing the weight you’ve always wanted to lose. It is normal for the body to want to store and lock excess fat, and your body has a built in tendency to try to keep your present weight and prevent drastic changes. This is one reason why starvation dieting does not work, you tend to lose muscle mass and the not the fat that you really want to lose. Increasing HCG levels allows the body to target your locked fat reserve, release energy and lose weight at a more rapid pace.

HCG used in conjunction with a low calorie diet triggers your hypothalamus to mobilize the locked fat out of its storage locations (yes, your hips don’t lie), so that it’s available for use.  This causes thousands of calories that have been locked to be available and to be released as fuel; as a result, you don’t feel tired or hungry as long as you are getting appropriate amounts of rest.  Your body takes on a new shape because your locked stored fat is now being consumed as fuel; structural fat and muscle tissue are ignored and kept safe.

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Viviscal Reviews

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I just did an interview where the host was talking about mismatched libidos and how so many couples are “lopsided” when it comes to sexual desire. I personally can attest to this being a common problem, since I hear from so many people on a daily basis who ask me how Hot Rawks can help them improve their sex drive.

I’d like to quickly address this issue, mainly because I want to state that although I am the proprietor of an herbal supplement designed to boost sex drive in men and women both, I am not out there simply trying to pimp a product. I created my company, Raw-Nation®, to promote a lifestyle…one that encourages health, wellness, and vitality.

Raw-Nation® has a mission statement that goes as follows:

“We explore and develop new ways to combine sustainably harvested, superior goods to enhance and improve your quality of life. We focus on pure, naturally derived supplements and sensual products designed to enlighten the body, mind, and spirit with desire and vitality. We want to share our zest for raw, organic superfoods with the world, and inject passion into young and old alike.”

Now, does that sound like a company trying to fill you with chemicals and laugh all the way to the bank? Hardly. We have built our company based on passion for a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle includes having great sex with your partner!

EAT CLEAN. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat crappy food. We all appreciate indulging from time to time, but you also must remember one thing: You are what you eat. If you consume junk on a daily basis, your body will not be running at the capacity it was intended to. Eat less processed foods, limit animal products, and omit sugary sodas as much as possible. Fuel your body with organic, raw fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, and whole grains. Eat protein-rich quinoa and organic oats. Drink lots of pure filtered water and limit alcohol consumption.

MOVE THAT BOD. Move it or lose it, buddy! You absolutely must find time to exercise on a regular basis, even if it’s just a brisk walk or a short bike ride. Movement not only helps burn off fat, it also alleviates stress, aids digestion and loosens joints. (translation: your tummy will be flatter and you will have more mobility…catch my drift?)

ADD THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS. I need to emphasize the “right” in this statement. There are so many supplements to choose from, how can you possibly select what’s best for you? Now this particular subject could be an entire blog on its own, but I will keep it simple here and say that although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mentality on herbal supplements, there are a few that should help just about anyone. These are: probiotics, digestive enzymes, fish oil (hexane-free and molecularly distilled only), B vitamins, and superfoods. Superfoods are compound foods and herbs that loaded with multiple health benefits. Hot Rawks include some very powerful superfoods, by the way. Hot Rawks is an herbal, whole food, super-nutrient supplement that has an array of health benefits including increased stamina, endurance, sexual fluids, and desire. It is not a natural Viagra. It helps men and women both by adding herbal compounds that work deep within the body and helps balance hormones naturally. Plus, the added benefit of intense natural lubrication is certainly welcomed in the bedroom…by both partners.

SMILE OFTEN. Attitude is everything. If you spill your coffee, does it ruin your whole day? Or do you chuckle at your clumsiness and move on? You might be thinking, “What in the world does my attitude have to do with my sex drive?” My answer is, “Everything.” You see, the ability to laugh at life and handle stressful situations will dramatically improve your mood. A good mood is a state of mind, and in that state of mind you will be much more open to a sideways romp with your partner.

In Peace,

Julie Wilson

“Open Up and Say Raw!”®

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We won't stop until Miracle Noodles are part of all weight loss diets.
Like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man was with numbers we are with noodles. We are also health nuts. In our search for the perfect pasta, we had known about shirataki noodles but what we didn't know was how miraculous it was! Since learning a couple of years ago about its nutritional value and its documented health benefits, you could say we have become Shirataki evangelists! We won't stop until Shirataki is an essential part of all low-carb diets!
Do you love Pasta? Join us as the The Miracle Noodle Revolution starts.
It starts right here with you. By spreading the word that a guilt free noodle has been re-discovered we can invigorate proper dieting with a food that fills you up, makes you feel good about what you are eating, and can be part of a healthy low-carb, high fiber diet.
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An Exciting Breakthrough

Ageless Male is an exciting breakthrough in men’s health. We’ve combined some of the best, clinically-researched ingredients to help men like you recapture the spirit of your youth.
How Does it Work?

Ageless Male is made with a standardized extract called Testofen®††, which is clinically-tested ingredient derived from the fenugreek herb. A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled human clinical study on Testofen®†† has shown it can significantly help boost free testosterone in men.1
More Than Just a Boost in Free Testosterone
Testosterone molecule

The exclusive blend in Ageless Male goes beyond boosting your free testosterone with strength training normal ranges.* The ingredients in this groundbreaking formula can help you improve your active life...and in your romantic life.

Ageless Male includes vitamin B6, which supports healthy energy metabolism in the body.* Instead of an unnatural “jolt” like you’d get from caffeine, your daily intake of this vitamin helps promote your body’s natural ability to provide energy for your life.*

This could also be useful in the gym, where the key ingredient in Ageless Male has been shown to support muscle health as part of your workout regimen.*

Ageless Male may also do wonders for your love life.* This formula is clinically shown to increase libido in men and boost both drive and desire.* In a 6 week double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study, this formula showed a statistically significant boost in sexual function, performance and satisfaction for men.2

When taken every day. Ageless Male can help improve your performance and life.

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Weight Loss

Long before a popular television doctor called raspberry ketones "the #1 miracle in a bottle, to burn your fat", Trimline Max was formulated with the highest concentration of top-quality raspberry ketones anywhere.

Now, marketers are scrambling to rush raspberry ketone products to the market to keep up with demand. The result? An abundance of low-quality products that wont get you the results you want!

Trimline Max is all natural, easy to use, and results come quickly. Our revolutionary formula contains a formula you wont find anywhere else…designed to suppress your appetite, give you a great boost of energy, power your metabolism and promote fat loss.

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  • Elite Serum™ is a scientifically designed eye serum that is exclusively
    formulated using a combination of unique DNA precursor pool peptides.
  • Use of this treatment is intended to effectively reduce the appearance
    of fine lines, dark circles, crow's feet and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Regular application can significantly improve tone, firmness and skin
    elasticity while restoring a youthful looking eye contour for users of all ages.
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