Organic Bouquet

Organic Bouquet is the largest online provider of eco-friendly and organic floral gifts. All of our flowers are grown in a manner that is not only environmentally friendly but also provides outstanding resources for farm workers and artisans. Organic Bouquet partners with select flower farms in California, Ecuador and Colombia. 

One Dozen Rainbow Rose Bouquet

We've added a colorful twist to our traditional single color rose bouquets by offering this stunning 4 color assortment* of twelve, long-stem roses. Roses are freshly picked and are certified EcoBloom, making them a rare and truly a special gift for any occasion. 

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Rainbow Rose Bouquet




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Wine Barrel Gourmet Lazy Susan Tray

Our Wine Barrel Gourmet Tray is a genuine wine barrel which is also a lazy Susan. This unique wine ensemble is the perfect gift for those special clients or hard to please relatives. No matter the recipient this gift is guaranteed to get rave reviews! This gift begins with a bottle of Cabernet, followed by specially paired treats. Starting with Portlock Smoked Salmon and Salmon Pate, Mille Lacs Red Wine Cheese Spread, Vineyard Monteray Jack Cheese, Stonewall Kitchen’s Rosemary Crackers, American Vintage Red Wine Biscuits, Docetto Chocolate Wafers, Elki’s Black Olive Tapanade, and Asparagus and Asiago Cheese Brussetta, Marich’s Chocolate Covered Toffee Almonds, Elki’s Marinated Artichokes, Jan’s Farm House Crisps, Sander’s Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Caramels, Lake Champlain’s Truffle’s, slicing and spreading knife and two wine glasses.



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Fresh-cut mini callas + accents

This chic mix of white miniature calla lilies and accents is all about understated taste. So modern and elegant! Plus, our flowers are grown on sustainable and responsible farms and cut when you order to ensure maximum freshness. Order today and get next-day delivery all across the USA. Orders must be placed by 2:00 pm EST to arrive next day. 




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The deluxe microgreens kit includes supplies and instructions to grow microgreens both hydroponically and in soil. Some seeds are easier to grow hydroponically (broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, mustard, etc…) while other seeds will do much better in soil (sunflower, pea, cilantro, etc…). This microgreens kit includes everything you need to get started with both approaches. It allows you to enjoy the broadest selection of flavors and colors. You will be harvesting your own delicious and nutritious microgreens in ten days. Your family and friends will enjoy this colorful, healthy and delicious new live food alternative. Microgreens can be grown (both the soil based and hydroponic approaches) on any kitchen countertop, indoors or out.



Deluxe Microgreens Starter Kit

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