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Backed up with more than 15 years experience in the mobile phone industry, we have the knowledge and passion enabling us to offer a complete mobile phone solution to you - and that includes a great customer service experience while you are with us. Working closely with our parent company, A1 Comms Ltd, allows us to offer this 'one-stop shop' solution for all your telecommunication needs.


The company began in 1997, when local businessman Paul Sisson founded A1 Comms and opened a chain of 14 high-street shops selling mobile phones in and around Derby. In 2003, he set up an online arm of the mobile phone retail industry and such was its success that Paul sold the shops in 2006 to concentrate his business solely online. Paul then acquired Go Mobile in 2012 and added this site to his already successful web portfolio which makes A1 Comms Ltd the largest independent online retailer in the UK.

We are a company with under 100 members of staff, which means we are small enough to give our customers a personal level of service. But with a sales turnover of more than £100m per annum, we are large enough to feature some of the most compelling offers on the web.

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Mobile Phone Xchange


Mobile Phone Xchange were established in 2005 when it was noticed there was a gap in the market for mobile phone recycling. Thousands of handsets were being replaced each year and those redundant phones would simply lie in drawers gathering dust.

By giving our customers the opportunity to turn their old mobile phones into cash, we are able to make a difference to communities around the world. Used handsets are sent to developing countries to help build their economies and at the same time pocket our customers some money.

We are now one of the leading mobile phone trade-in companies in the UK, paying some of the highest rates for used handsets for any company. It is for this reason that a number of large companies have partnered with us to aid their own green schemes.

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Seven years ago, a planet twelve space sectors away from Earth, had been devastated by uncontrollable waste. This waste had destroyed the ecosystems and plant life, the surface had become a barren wasteland and no one could survive the toxic, poisonous gases. The only option was to abandon the planet and start a new. Bo and Zowi, brother and sister, who are survivors of the devastated planet, have been tasked with helping inhabitants of other planets to understand the importance of recycling, so they could avoid what had happened to them.

Scanners sound throughout the spaceship. "Bo, the global surface report is showing that this planet has a vast population and they too are at the early stages of waste destruction"

Bo lifted his eyes from a screen displaying the blue and green globe remembering his own planet, which had once looked like this one. "We need to warn them Zowi! We cannot let this world be destroyed like ours because of waste. What does the technical WEEE recycling report show? Do they have any form of electrical equipment that can be recycled?"

A beeping sound resonates throughout the spacecraft. "That's the scan complete, data coming through now. It looks like the people of this world have a large number of unused electrical communication equipment that could be recycled. They call them mobile phones."

With excitement, Bo jumped from his seat and moved towards Zowi's screen. "Ok Zowi we should land on this planet and help show these people how they can reuse their mobile phones!"

Another beep sounds from one of the screens "Bo, it appears that the people of this planet use something called cash to purchase items – perhaps we should use the WEEE recycling technology to recycle their old phones and reward them with cash"

"That's an excellent idea Zowi. The more modern the device the more cash we will be able to generate and we can recycle the phone so others can use it. Configure the WEEE recycling system and bring us into land"

Bo and Zowi's spaceship manoeuvres towards Earth's atmosphere. 30 seconds until landing Bo. We will be landing in an open area, detecting live forms. Computer data indicates these are humans"

Various beeps and the sound of the metal moving resonant as the small craft prepares to land on the surface of Earth.

"Open external communication channels" Bo exclaims as he moves back to his seat.

"We will be landing in 5, 4, 3, 2 and set down. Systems now ready for you to communicate. I have accessed one of their major communication networks: the World Wide Web"

Sitting upright and looking eager Bo starts to broadcast his welcome message "Greetings Earth friends, we are Bozowi. We have come to help you recycle your waste. We will recycle your old phones so others can benefit and pay you in cash for your help. Together we will help save this planet from waste! We will help keep it clean, fresh and beautiful."

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Eibmarkt.com is one of the largest e-commerce sites on the world wide web with over 225000 items for the home and building automation marketplace.

The company sells home appliances, electrical equipment, data and networking solutions and multimedia products (over 1 Million items available, 225000 items through the on-line shop).

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Mobile Madhouse, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of mobile phone products, is now offering a huge 10% commission to affiliates promoting our website. The Mobile Madhouse range encompasses a massive selection of cases, covers and accessories for all of the latest and most desirable mobile phones.

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Recycle Ur Phone offers mobile phone recycling where you get cash for your unwanted mobiles.

Our vision is to be the best mobile recycling company in the country challenging and changing the established conventions of the recycling companies.

The prices are monitored on a regular basis and we believe we will have the most competitive prices.

We pay up to £300 for each mobile phone and payment is made within 24hours (Faster payments).

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Welcome to Bozowi's Webgains affiliate program! Bozowi offer some of the best prices for new phones & devices.

Bozowi’s website has been formulated from a strong foundation of ECD, which in 11 years has evolved to become a predominate member of the mobile recycling industry. The managing director and operations mangers have been recycling phones for almost 20 years.

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Top Dollar Mobile is operated by GY Telecom Ltd. It's a part of a global group company, the leading force in the world of the mobile phone recycling and re-use market.

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I Need A Mobile is a mobile phone retailer which specialise in second hand mobile phones. Our new website www.ineedamobile.com has the latest mobile phones including iPhones, Blackberry’s and other smartphones.

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MyMemory offer over 5000 consumer electronic products from the worlds leading brands including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Canon and Nikon.

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Mobile Phone Xchange gives customers the opportunity to turn all their old mobile phones into cash. They are one of the biggest recyclers of mobile phones offering some of the highest prices available on the internet.

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GBacked up with more than 15 years experience in the mobile phone industry, we have the knowledge and passion enabling us to offer a complete mobile phone solution to you - and that includes a great customer service experience while you are with us. Working closely with our parent company, A1 Comms Ltd, allows us to offer this 'one-stop shop' solution for all your telecommunication needs.

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8mobile.com is a mobile phone recycling company with a difference...

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Asda Mobile phones are offering great deals on Contract, Sim Free, Broadband and Accessories.

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