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Ana Hickmann

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The internationally known Brazilian supermodel, Ana Hickmann, started in 2002 to promote her own fashion line, which includes apparel, cosmetics, shoes and sunglasses and frames. Your sense of fashion and style were immediately labeled as trendy and, although only a decade has passed since its brand was launched, it is currently well received throughout the world.

The brand, simply known as ANA HICKMANN, gains by right an access to the high-end fashion world and its eyewear collection becomes the most famous and interesting product even for the european market.
Class, allure, personality, vanguard. This is the signature style of Ana Hickman.

The sun and optical ANA HICKMANN frames meet the contemporary women needs, who loves an affordable elegancy easy to dress every day. Carefully selected materials and many fine finishes, give the brand a fashionable style, good comfort and supreme quality.

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